Our Commitment

A Business with Passion
When we began discussions about creating the ultimate hair treatment, we found they quickly became less about a product and more about a lifestyle. The choices we make as individuals and a company became foundations for our approach to the Arganesse brand. We are passionate people and we care about the impact our business has on humanity and the environment.
Arganesse People + Planet = Prosperity
The three leaves in the Arganesse icon above represent the formula for our simple approach: enrich people’s lives while we take care of our surroundings. In doing so, we believe the result is the success for everyone. Our customers have high expectations and they strive for success in everything they do – including looking and feeling their best. That is the stuff of royalty.
Giving Back
With as much love that we have for fashion, art, beauty, and sophistication we also care deeply about helping people. There are so many worthwhile causes, but one is near to our hearts. Every child in need deserves a shot at a good life. Arganesse donates $10 for every bottle purchased to Christian Foundation for Children and Ageing (www.cfcausa.org). Helping kids will always be a worthy cause. We believe their future successes will help make a better world for all of us.
Mission Reusable
We’re committed to doing our part as much as possible to minimize the impact Arganesse has on the environment. By sourcing reusable and recyclable materials, we’re not only moving towards reducing waste, but we’re reducing the amount of energy it takes to make our high-quality products. There is one critical factor to our success in waste reduction: You. In a way, you determine how effective we can be. By recycling the components of the Arganesse package, you join millions of people with a common goal of achieving a more clean and healthy environment to live in.